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Considering Graduate School at Purdue?

If you are considering graduate school at Purdue, here are some incentives to apply.

Purdue Technical Projects

Struggling to start personal projects, we can help.

Balancing CS and Exercise

Health and Fitness @ Purdue

Interested in Degree+?

Taking languages classes unlocked a different perspective

Keys for Success in CS180

CS180 is a Purdue CS rite of passage, but with these tips, you can get through!

One thing I learned from my freshman year

Freshman year taught me to how to find balance between school and my social life

Navigating My Freshman Year

Navigating my Freshman Year comes with its own set of challenges, but with the help of clubs and friends, I was able to find a home at Purdue

My Experience as a First-generation and Low-income Student at Purdue

The financial aid process isn't the easiest to navigate, but here are some tips for students with a similar background as me.

Getting started in Computer Science Research as an Undergraduate

Research in the CS department isn't the easiest to get involved in, but here we answer some common questions.

Do I Belong?

Self doubt: it plagues us all