Considering Graduate School at Purdue?

If you are considering graduate school at Purdue, here are some incentives to apply.

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Pinaki Mohanty
May 27, 2022

Considering Grad School at Purdue CS? If so, this blog post is just for you.

A little bit about me(or why should you listen to me…). My name is Pinaki. I am a second-semester Master’s student in the CS+STAT Joint Masters at Purdue. I graduated from Purdue in May 2021 with a Bachelor in Computer Science with specializations in Machine Intelligence, Database and Information Systems, and Theory. I also minored in Math and Statistics. During my undergraduate years at Purdue, I have been a part of Association of Multicultural Computer Scientists(AMCS), Reach Out for Computer Science(ROCS), Global Science Partners(GSP), and of course Undergraduate Student Board for Computer Science(USB). I have been a part of USB, actively and passively, for more than three years. I have contributed to initiatives like TA Training and Virtual Office Hours. Advocating on behalf of students is something I enjoy doing and that is why I am here to help! A key concern amongst undergrads, often echoed via student forums, here at Purdue is the lack of knowledge about grad school. I am here to advocate why you should consider Purdue CS for an MS degree, especially if you are finishing/finished your undergrad at Purdue. What prompted me to go for an MS? I wanted to learn about topics whose discussion was beyond the scope of the classroom; I wanted to augment my knowledge. Also, I enjoyed school in general and wanted to explore research. I started applying for master’s programs sometime around September 2020. I had all my decisions in by February-March 2021. Despite some really competitive offers, I decided to pursue my MS at Purdue owing to the following reasons.

  1. Cost of Living for some locations was 2-3x more than that of West Lafayette
  2. Teaching Assistantship: This was a big one because often MS programs do not offer assistantships. At Purdue, my tuition was covered, and I got a stipend once in two weeks. Taking a wide variety of courses at Purdue equips you with the knowledge of ‘how to run the course’. This also ensures constituency and quality. Keep in mind, being a GTA comes with a lot of responsibilities; you are in charge of the quality of the fabric of the curriculum. Also, my medical insurance was covered. I was essentially staff now.
  3. Familiarity with the department was another one. Purdue has been my home for 4 years. Saying goodbye can be hard :’)
  4. Influx of New Faculty (especially in AI, ML) made me stay at Purdue with the prospect of research collaboration
  5. Purdue’s CS MS Program offers MS Degrees in many flavors: General/Vanilla, CSE (Computational Sciences and Engineering), CLS (Computational Life Sciences), and CS+STAT.

This factor made me strongly consider Purdue as this kind of flexibility was not available everywhere. Other than that, there is the 5 Year BS+MS combined degree program, which can help you save a year. This does not apply to me as I took 4 sweet years to complete my BS and then separately applied for an MS. If you are at the junction of deciding on grad school, I hope these pointers would make Purdue look like an attractive option. I also serve as the Undergraduate Committee Representative at the Graduate Student Board for Computer Science (GSB). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Boiler Up!

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