Navigating My Freshman Year

Navigating my Freshman Year comes with its own set of challenges, but with the help of clubs and friends, I was able to find a home at Purdue

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April 6, 2022

As an out-of-state student attending Purdue, my freshmen year was very daunting because I knew no one, and I remember spending my first few weeks feeling lost.

However, looking back now, I am grateful to have met all the people I call friends today!

For anyone who finds themselves in the same shoes as me, my only advice to you is to put yourself out there and take advantage of the events on campus (especially especially especially during your first few weeks!)

Apart from trying to make friends in my classes, attending club fairs, callouts, and floor events played a major role in meeting new people. I remember my first friend being a girl that lived on my floor all because I had asked her to grab lunch one day!

I also met two of my closest friends at a South Asian Club Fair, simply because we all decided to grab food at Windsor after and make a trip to Walmart together since none of us had used the buses on campus yet!

You might be seeing that a common theme for most of my friendships is food! So get out there and ask people to get food!!!

Club fairs are also not only a great place to find clubs that interest you but also a great way to meet even more people! Joining Boilermake and USB allowed me to make more friends within my major and meet upperclassmen as well! Not only was I able to meet new people but I also received a ton of insightful advice from class recommendations to internship advice!

Apart from ‘major-related’ clubs, I also recommend you try to join clubs where you can meet new people from different majors. For example, I joined Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPSI), a professional business fraternity on campus, which lead to me making some amazing and genuine friends. AKPSI also inspired me to pursue a minor in business economics which I would have never done if it weren’t for the advice and guidance from my brothers!

There are a lot of cool and amazing clubs on campus which I even wished I joined, such as: the Purdue Concert Committee (PCC), Purdue EDM Club (PEDMC), and so much more!!!

There are definitely more ways to get involved on campus whether that is through research, joining a sports team (intermural or club), or by simply attending fun campus events! There is definitely a place for you on campus and the only way to find it is by putting yourself out there and trying new things!

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