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April 18, 2022

Growing up as an athlete in my home country, I was exercising almost daily since part of my day was already reserved for our practice sessions. I knew that every day, from 5 to 8 pm, I would be in the pool training my synchronized swimming techniques. However, when I came to Purdue without any athletic responsibilities, it was hard to regain the same discipline and motivation to exercise as I once had. I would usually plan to go to the gym earlier in the day, but then put it off and lay in bed instead. Then, I found out about GroupX, a fitness program offered by Purdue RecWel1, and it is now a constant part of my life at Purdue.

GroupX contains different types of classes for different fitness levels. It ranges from fun classes, such as Zumba and African Dance, to intense ones, such as HIIT and Cycle. The best thing about it, at least for me, is that you get to work out with other people! There is something about seeing other people panting and struggling that motivates you to continue exercising. The instructors would often shout words of encouragement too, inspiring you to push through the sweat and tears.

Another reason why I love GroupX is that there are so many classes every weekday. They even hold BodyPump and Cycle classes, the most popular ones, twice a day! So, despite my busy schedule, I could still have time to attend my favorite GroupX classes. Additionally, I like that they have a no-show policy as it forces me to exercise when I’m lazy. Regardless of how I am feeling before the GroupX class, I always leave the CoRec happier and more energetic. It also provides a short, needed break from my coding projects, allowing me to return with a fresh mind.

If you are still hesitant about GroupX, it should be worth noting that GroupX is free (as of Spring 2022) to all students! So, it won’t hurt to try some of the classes, especially if you are new to exercise and don’t know where to start. Some of my recommendations for beginners are Barre, BodyPump, Total Body Strength, and Zumba. The first three are strength and toning workouts that focus on all muscle groups, while Zumba is a fun and easy-to-follow dance-fitness class. Then, when you feel stronger and are looking for more intense workouts, I would suggest trying Cycle, GRIT, HIIT, and Step. I would recommend starting with GRIT before trying HIIT as they are very similar, with the exception that GRIT is 15 minutes shorter.

One piece of advice about registering for GroupX classes is to register early. All GroupX classes can be registered up to 72 hours in advance, so some of the popular classes could be fully booked before you know it. Though if you are unsure about your schedule, you could still check for class spots about an hour before the class since most people cancel last minute.

At the end of the day, I hope GroupX positively benefits your Purdue experience just like it did mine. If you are afraid of attending a class alone, feel free to hit me up at [email protected] and we could attend one together!

Here are some helpful links to get started with GroupX! Steps for reserving a class, cancelling your reservation, and class descriptions: GroupX Schedule:

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